About Finday

Bringing financial wellness to your workplace

Our Story

Our mission is to provide financial healthcare to every employee globally

All too often the world of finance is overwhelming, riddled in jargon and feels like it's not on the side of your people.

We're building Finday to change this.

Finday will be the ultimate sidekick on your people's financial journey, providing the knowledge, data and tools they need to make smart and informed decisions.

Why Finday

Build a more resilient organization

Reduce financial stress your employees face

70% of UK employees are worrying more about money, with 76% of these suffering worse mental health as a result

Empower employees through knowledge

88% of adults don't feel confident in their own financial literacy with more women (91%) acknowledging their lack of confidence

End the stigma surrounding money

75% of employees who suffered worsening mental health due to financial issues have not approached their employers

Why it’s important

Why our mission is important for every company in the world

Looking after financial wellness benefits everyone. We can help you attract and retain talent, tackle one of the biggest causes of stress (finances) head on and make sure your workplace feels like you’re on their side by empowering financial wellbeing.

The team

Who’s behind Finday?

Jason Leonard

Founder, CEO

Arslan Hussain

Founder, COO

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